Nothing To Lose (single)

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Cover art
Name A Part of Me
Tracks 3
Total length 18.32
Year 2011
Recorded 2010/2011
Writer/composer Ladi6 (Karoline Tamati)
Producer Jon Toogood & Tiki Taane
Art work
Publisher Warner NZ
Format(s) Digital
Catalogue number(s)
Release 18 Sept 2011
Chart position

Track List

Digital edition

  1. Nothing To Lose
  2. Nothing To Lose (Dan Aux Remix)
  3. Nothing To Lose (Optimus Gryme Remix)


Engineered by Nick Roughan

Jon Toogood – Bass & Backing Vocals

Ladi6 - Vocals

Shayne Carter – Guitar

Gary Sullivan – Drums

Tiki Taane – Keyboards & Backing Vocals


Nothing To Lose as a standalone single was released earlier in the year.