Short Change (song)

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Name Short Change
Album/single The Adults (Deluxe edition)
Length 4.24
Alternative titles Air Hostess (?)
First live performance
Writer/composer Jon Toogood & Shayne Carter

Additional Information


Hey, this ain't what it could be
Fools divide us
And they sold the moon cheap
We're getting short changed here
And they rob you blindly
Yeah, they cook you right up
Thinking (?) their numbers
We're getting short changed here

The high and mighty
Have all been lying politely
And they sell the truth cheap
It's made in China
They've been body snatching
The jewel grabbing
And the flesh they don't need
Is ground to powder

There's trouble brewing
Feel it loom behind me
It's a work in progress
And I feel it creeping
And the man is standing
With his badge of plastic
Handing out a bad dream

We're getting short changed here
We're getting short changed here
Been short changed here
Getting short changed here