Sleep Me Tight (song)

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Name Sleep Me Tight
Album/single The Adults
Length 2.39
Alternative titles None
First live performance
Recorded Recorded at Nick Roughan’s House, Mt Albert Auckland.
Writer/composer Jon Toogood & Anika Moa
Producer Jon Toogood and Tiki Taane

Additional Information

Engineered by Nick Roughan

Jon Toogood – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass & Keyboards

Anika Moa – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar


All of my dreams
They come at once
One of these pages(?)
Brings me love

I get in trouble
You’re not around
Tuck me in baby
Sleep me tight

Honey wants to melt into my mouth
Taken by the ship that sails(?)
Golden nights and silly dreams
This is the world, or so it seems

All of these dreams
They come at once
All of these pages
Brings me love
Tuck me in baby
Sleep me tight